The goal of the Shore Kaos (SK) program is to train committed, highly skilled players to compete with the best lacrosse teams in the Mid-Atlantic area during the Summer Tournament Season.

Shore Kaos is a program that travels to tournaments in the summer, and has clinics and training sessions throughout fall and winter.  Athletes are encouraged to play other sports to improve their athletic versatility during these seasons. SK will compliment local Recreational programs by holding practice only once a week so athletes can play lacrosse in their hometown during Spring LAX Season. 

The Shore Kaos coaches were selected based on their Collegiate Level Lacrosse experience. View their bios and get to know their individual backgrounds. Shore Kaos selected each coach based on individual experience and dedication to promote the game to the next level so the players will be learning from true Lacrosse athletes. 

Mission Statement

The Shore Kaos Boys Lacrosse Club is an organization designed to promote and encourage competitive play at the youth level on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We will provide a fun, safe, and positive learning experience for each athlete. Our coaches will promote the development of individual skills, teamwork, and an understanding and appreciation of the game of lacrosse. This will include providing opportunities for athletes in the Club to participate in area, regional and national lacrosse tournaments. Our goal is to refine the athlete’s skills through individualized coaching, and aid athletes to develop leadership skills, good sportsmanship, and a love of the game of lacrosse.It is our promise to support each individual athlete in the growing and transition process from elementary school to middle school to high school.  Our commitment is to ensure along the way we prepare the athlete for the next level of competition.