Shore Kaos Lacrosse is intended for boys who want to compete at the highest levels of lacrosse. The try-out process insures each athlete is playing alongside teammates with a similar caliber of talent and commitment while providing a challenging environment in both game situations and practices.

The Commitment:

  • Participation in year round trainings, clinics, practices, community events and tournament attendance is paramount to team and individual success.
  • Playing time is not guaranteed, and will be managed by each coach per game situation
  • Shore Kaos will provide optional Fall and Winter Indoor Clinics.
  •  Athletes are encouraged to play in their local Recreation league during the spring lacrosse season with a commitment to ONE practice a week with SK until Summer Tournament season approaches- refer to schedules.
  • Parents are required to defer to Shore Kaos personnel for all decisions regarding players, coaching strategy, team organization and standings.
  • All players are responsible for having the proper equipment and uniform at each practice and event..

This Commitment is one that both the parents, and the players need to understand and accept.  It’s important to recognize the hard work and dedication of your teammates, coaches and support staff.  Shore Kaos is dedicated to excellence in lacrosse performance, and has high expectations of conduct with specific criteria including coach-ability, work ethic and commitment.
Our program is broken up into two phases, Fall/Winter & Summer Tournament Season.