Boys Club Team FAQ:

  If my son makes the team what will the commitment be like?

Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments (Exception, Fall Program).
Referring specifically to the spring and summer season, your son is only allowed to miss three practices between March 1st and July 1, 2014.  If your son misses a fourth practice during the stated period, he will be dropped from the team and no refund will be issued.  Club lacrosse is 100% about dedication and commitment.

  There are multiple tryouts on the schedule, does my son need to attend all?

No, however, we highly encourage him to attend as many as possible.

  What documentation or information do you need at tryouts? 

Nothing, if he makes the team we will collect all pertinent information and documentation at the first practice.

  What does my registration fee cover?

The registration fee pays for coaches, tournament fees, referees, uniforms, field rentals, and field equipment.

  Within all tournaments, do all the athletes play equal amounts?

All athletes will receive a fair opportunity to compete. On a club team the commitment level on and off the field is very important. Performance, attitude, dedication, at practice and at the tournaments are all factors in playing time.

  What are the formats for the tournaments?

Official size field, 10 vs. 10.
The Winter Indoor league will vary between 5 vs. 5 to 7 vs. 7

  How many boys will the Shore Kaos team carry?

We will carry 20 to 23  male athletes on the team.

  How will the team be chosen, players will be evaluated during tryouts based on:

• Attitude
• Athleticism & Potential
• Lacrosse field sense
• Work ethic & persistence
• Coach-ability & ability to execute direction
• Skill - ball handling, etc.

  Fees Payment Policy:

All fees are payable on-line through the Shore Kaos website unless otherwise directed. You should not pay any fees to any coaches unless approved and directed by Shore Kaos’s Club Manager.
There will be a minimum charge of $35 for returned checks or insufficient funds.
There will be a late payment assessed for registrations after published deadlines.
Late fees may range from $20 to $45.

  What is our refund policy?

There are no refunds after the first practice.

Shore Kaos tournament, league, facility and operating expenses are pre-paid in advance and there is no guarantee that any refunds will or can be issued. In the event a tournament or league or event is canceled and the tournament organizers authorize refunds or a percentage thereof back to Shore Kaos, Shore Kaos policy is not to issue any refunds due to related administrative and operating expenses not recoverable.

  Where is the boys practice field?

Field Location:
Church Hill Park: 1130 Sudlersville Rd, Church Hill MD. 21623